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ThAT Crazy mutt!


What would a farm be without dogs? A pretty sad place we think! 

Just as we work to educate and encourage the raising of heritage breed livestock, we also love to talk about the joys of mixed-breed dogs, and the importance of dog rescue. Both our happy, furry friends were rescues and we couldn't ask for better dogs. 


Zephyr was my first dog, adopted through a dog rescue in New Hampshire that transported him from down South. He was a 25-pound puppy at 12 weeks, and I was told to expect him to be a hundred-pound dog. Boy did someone guess wrong! He shot up like a rocket until he hit 65 pounds, and then he just stopped. He was guessed to be a Great Pyrenees mix, but who can be sure? What we can tell you is, that he was the easiest puppy to train we've ever seen! Potty training took a grand total of 2 weeks, he never chewed up anything but puppy toys while teething and he never gets in the trash! Well, almost never.

People often ignore the option of a rescue dog because they are worried about the possibility of behavioral issues or baggage. We are here to tell you that Zephyr has no more of either issues than a pure-bred dog that you might buy from a breeder. Others don't want mix-breeds because "they are funny looking." Well, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

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