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Wilderness Boys!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Surveying his territory!

It has taken us entirely too long to get our two newest American Chinchilla bucks, Montoya and Marverick, into the colony, but we finally completely it yesterday!

The buck pens are about 5x5 and adjoin Wednesday's breeder pen so that they can get to know other bunnies. Wednesday is our only colony doe who doesn't like other bunnies, so currently she has her own breeding area. Sadly, it looks like she is sterile, so she will be moving to a smaller area, and the five younger ladies will get a bigger area for breeding and litter raising together. This means the boys will get to meet and spend time with all the ladies before next spring's breeding season.

Maverick and Wednesday both playing hard to get!

Both boys went in the colony yesterday and they both look great today. They are eating and drinking, and both built themselves nests in their boxes to get out of last night's rain! Montoya demanded pets when I went to check up on him, and Maverick - while he didn't ask for pets - certainly didn't turn them down! Both are regularly sniffing noses through the fence with no sign of competition or grumpiness.

They have definitely been playing! Dirt have been kicked everywhere, including on top of their boxes and mounded up in places. Maverick has already decided he loves to perch on the top of his box where he can see down into the lower cages and watch the ladies. Montoya is a little less outgoing and rambunctious, but he too seems very happy.

Despite lots of successes, it is always nerve-racking introducing new rabbits - especially older rabbits - to outdoor living. So glad it looks like we have another success!

Montoya exploring his new home for the first time!

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