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Updates and Anecdotes

Between technical and scheduling issues, it's been a couple of weeks since the last blog post came out, despite my best attempts. I spent two weeks (the weeks before and after) just trying to do a Mother's Day post! Alas, Wix was feeling uncooperative and I only had so much time to fight with it.

However, we seem to be back on track again, and in the meantime we did get the yearly video up showing off all our adorable spring babies!

And speaking of spring babies, we have quite a few available kids/lambs this year, due to unexpected batches of twins, ewes who weren't supposed to be pregnant who decided to surprise us and cancellations by people on our wait list. You can now find the updated list on our web site under the "Support our Farm" tab.

Even if you aren't in the market for a new flock of sheep, we hope you will take a look at all the products and oddities we offer, keeping in mine that the funds from every purchase go right back in to raising our endangered livestock breeds. You can also support us by attending our classes and other events and by reading and commenting on our articles in the magazines we write for.

Now, on to the story:

As I mentioned, we had a number of ewes give birth this year unexpectedly. Most recently, we had a ewe give birth several weeks after the rest of the flock to - by far - the tiniest ram we have had. He is healthy and lively, but his size was strange since most of the others were between 3.5 - 4 pounds if they were singles. The boys tended to be a little bigger, the girls on the lower end of that scale.

Mom was far more skittish than our other ewes have been, so it took a few days to get a glimpse of her ear tag, "Kali."

Here is where things get strange. Only April 20, Kali had already given birth. She was the only ewe to give birth to a stillborn lamb, a girl who weighed in at barely 1.5 pounds - far to small to be viable. It appears that Kali must have had two lambs - in separate sacks - and miscarried the first one when there wasn't enough room for both. However, she retained the second on to term and delivered easily and without issue. Isn't that amazing!?

Nature truly is incredible sometimes.

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