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Three Weeks and Counting

March 18th.

That's the day Sherri becomes a full time homesteader and Saffron and Honey Homestead becomes something more than a side hobby.

It's feels a little bit like traveling down the rapids; part exhilaration, part terror.

On one hand the extra time with free us up for a TON of things we want to be able to do

On the other hand, it means less income to do the things we want to do

So much of homesteading is about balancing time and money!

Then there is the paperwork. Who would have guessed that starting a farming business would involve so much... you know... business!?

New accounts, new programs to figure out the budget, new equipment needed for the expansions we want - even a new display that needs to be built for our traveling!

The Events Page is growing all the time. We just finished our photo shoot event with Angie's Art, we have four tours planned for April, at least 4-5 classes set up through adult education and we've been invited to speak at the Maine Ren Faire about the history of our animals!

The new rabbit colony is planned and just waiting for the ground to thaw. The Facebook page has broken 1100 followers for us - maybe not much for some, but great for a tiny homestead like ours! Our grocery bill keeps dropping as we are able to be more self sufficient. Sherri has five article deadlines to meet for assorted magazines, packets to mail to schools looking for field trip ideas, kids and lambs to deliver in April and still hopes to get LOTS more videos up on our YouTube Channel!


We may have more time to get things done, but there will definitely be more things to do!

Wish us luck on the ride!

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