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The White Bunnies are Adulting!

At the end of November we posted a blog about the fact that two kits in our new litter were pink, rather than the black that American Chinchillas, making them carriers of the C gene. While this is considered a flaw in the AmChin breed, they are still healthy, friendly rabbits. And now, our infamous white bunnies have now hit their 8 weeks mark!

As babies, both ended up with conjunctivitis and came into the house for a short time to get treatment. The weather got very cold during this period and it would have been dangerous to return them to our outdoor colony, so they are now officially going to be house bunnies for someone! While we don't often rehome "pet" rabbits, these two will definitely be an exception.

They've gotten incredibly bonded, so their new home will have to be willing to take the pair. Sadly, one of them got pink eye so badly that he lost the vision in one eye, so his brother helps him out with all the things happening on that side!

They are incredibly snuggly. Currently they live in the bathroom (due to the dogs) and no one can go in there for any reason without giving them pats! The Blind Boy is just as active, curious and friendly as his brother, and he is eager to be picked up and held whenever anyone has the chance.

They are tired of living in a box though, so they are very excited about looking for a new home!

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