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Sunflower is Having Twins!

I'm told this is a baby goat head

The vet was here today and we have confirmation - all our adult ewes and bred does are pregnant! And, as the spoiler says, Sunflower is having twins!

She was the last to be bred, so the count was easiest on her. However, based on her size, Petal may also be twinning!

It was quite the comedy act, with all the goats and sheep being contained in a catchment area to wait for the vet.

Goddard was very cranky about being separated from his ladies and spent the entire event circling to make sure we were being nice to his girls!

The little ram did a few passes as well, and then gave up and wandered away to have some hay while there wasn't any competition!

Goddard, however, was ON DUTY!

The ladies weren't sure what was going on. They hung out on a corner with Willow and Petal - diva that she is - kept her own corner to herself. Literally. She headbutted EVERYONE who came near her!


Everyone else

So, we are officially expecting at least 7 lambs and 5 (maybe 6?) kids in April. We don't expect to get a lot of sleep for that four weeks, but we couldn't be more thrilled. As if we needed more reasons to get excited about spring!

Now off to tell Carson and Saffron that they are going to be dads!

Say what?

Side note: Just a reminder that the wait list for these little loves is still open - sign up now to reserve your spot!

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