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Relaxing with a 6-pack

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

This spring we bought 2 batches of ducklings, and when everything shook out, we had four males and four females.

We butcher when the need arises, and usually too many males is one of the defining moments. However, we wanted at least 2 males and ducks are a pain to butcher. Getting the whole set up for two seemed like a royal pain, especially with so much else to do. So, we did the next best thing - we brought in SIX more ladies!

This lovely batch of new girls arrived tonight. They were very confused, but seemed quite friendly. One peeped at me a bit when I picked her up, but otherwise settled right down. She didn't even poop on me! They were a bit nervous of the chickens, but once they discovered there was food, they settled in and made themselves at home.

Those of you with sharp eyes who are familiar with our homestead might notice there is another new figure in the mix! George has been getting on in years and while he is a great protector, he is no longer able to do all of his roosterly duties. We do have a white rooster, but many of the ladies seem to want nothing to do with him. So....

Meet our new rooster!

He is a fascinating color. We were originally told he was a barred, but he is much more than that! This picture does not show it clearly, but on his head and wings, rather than a black and white barred pattern, he is black and copper! George was his dad, and some of his red-head must have transferred down the genetic lines. It's quite striking! Hopefully better pictures once the sun is up again.

We have moved one of the black hens and Wanda (our barred hen) in with him for the evening, and we will slowly begin transitioning more hens as time goes on. George seems to hang out with few peeps but the guineas these days, so we will likely leave him with just a couple older ladies for company and let the young ones get to know the new man in their lives.

In the meantime, in order to keep the white rooster distracted from the invader next door, Snicket has been moved in with the white hen and rooster. It got.... interesting very quickly.

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