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Nope, Those Aren't Goats

Recently we brought both our San Clemente Island goats and our Soay sheep to the Maine Fiber Frolic in Windsor, Maine. We had an awesome time, met some great people and got to talk to lots of people about endangered heritage breeds.

And that one question kept coming up: "What breed of goats are these?"

(Not a Goat)

Despite the lovely, woolly coat people seemed convinced they must be goats. One lady even argued about it!

But in general, fiber people more than any other were incredibly excited about finding out these were real, live Soay sheep in the flesh.

Questions abounded about our experiences. Since we are new to sheep within the last year, we couldn't answer all the questions as well as we would have liked, but hopefully enough to keep people interested in and looking for this breed in the future!

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