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New Kids on the Block

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

We have some incredibly exciting - and unexpected - news at the Homestead!

Clover and Carson, another pair of San Clemente Island Goats, will be coming to live with us very soon and we are incredibly excited!

Due to unforeseen circumstances for their human, this beautiful couple needs a new barn to call home, and we hope they will do wonderfully here.

They both have an unusual - and lovely! - pale coloring, rare in an already rare breed.

Carson is described as being quite the gentleman with his lady and a very gentle boy. We met him once briefly when we transported him back from New York state and we have never seen such a laid-back buck! Unfortunately we only have a baby picture of him, but we hear he's turned into a very handsome guy. Hopefully, he and Saffron will get along well. Maybe some of his mellow will even rub off on our feisty guy!

Clover carries the same pale coloring as her guy, though the lines are very different. She is described as being tiny but mighty and apparently keeps Carson right in line! She is not much bigger than our own tiny Petal, so hopefully these to itty bits will keep each other company. All the big kids are filled with hormones right now and haven't had much time for the little girl! Either way, they will make quite the pair - both incredibly tiny for their ages, but one extra pale and the other extra dark!

Since this was a fairly unexpected development, we obviously had to make some quick moves! So, our new (to us) truck took it's first official work trip last night and we are now also the proud owners of and incredibly sturdy playhouse that will soon be home to the two boys. This thing was built by a very talented young lady and her dad, and was SO heavy! We can't thank her (and her mom!) enough for selling it to us. The boys are going to love it!

*Whew* Well, having originally planned on a buck and three does next year, things have advanced here a lot faster than planned! Two bucks and five does means a nice little herd to start and allows us to expand our educational and breeding programs much quicker than expected. I hope that we can keep up!

Interested in more information on heritage breed animals? Check out our "Critters" page!

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