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Moving On

We have a couple of adult livestock rabbits that will be looking for a new home here shortly. One of the unfortunate parts of a smaller homestead is that we just can't keep everyone!

Gomez is a proven male with plenty of good years left on him. He's about four and unfortunately is now related to too many of our does. He has never lived anywhere but in a colony, and when we moved he did very poorly during the short stretch he lived in a cage. He will need to go to a colony breeding home but he will definitely get the job done!

Charlie (she's a female, we didn't name her) has been bred multiple times. Her first kindling was very difficult and the babies all died. Since then, she has had several attempts resulting in pulled fur and kindling behavior, but nothing produced. This last time she bled a bunch, so I don't think it is safe for us to continue trying.

She takes time to get to know you, but is friendly once she does. She would be a good house bunny (probably without small children since she is a little skittish), or colony rabbit.

If anyone is interested, please use out Contact Form, message us on Facebook or drop us an email and!

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