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Meanwhile, Back at the Homestead...

We've spend most of the week on our other social media accounts talking about our time at the Union Fair. While we still have a couple of days to go, life doesn't stop at the homestead just because we are busy elsewhere! Here is a brief rundown on what's happening here at home:

Runaway bunnies: For the first time ever, we had a major escape issue! The rabbits broke through their wire, under the tunnel so that we didn't notice until it was too late.

Luckily they decide that the grass was not greener on the other side and all came back home very shortly. We have the tunnel blocked with a board now and will have it fixed by the end of the week.

Close call!

Other bunny updates: Lots going on in the bunny world! The Mob does are enjoying their young having been moved out and all the new, free space! Gomez is not enjoying retirement, but seems to be doing better with it than he was for awhile. We still have hopes we can find the perfect new home for him to spend time with someone else's ladies, but he's related to too many of ours at this point.

*click on the pictures for full views*

Charlie appears to have finally had a decent sized litter with no complications! She only had six, and biggest one passed away but the other five seem fat and healthy. Fingers crossed! Poor Charlie has had it rough with the mothering this last year.

Willow hasn't been feeling well this week. We initially thought it was a combination of losing her "queen" status with the herd and the stress of going to the fair for a couple of days. However, she stopped eating and so off to the vet she went! Turned out she picked up an infection. So she is on medications and got fluids while at the vet and seems to be doing better. She is still far too thin (having slender goats means "thin" shows up awfully quickly!) but she was out and about nibbling on greens and dropped apples this morning for the first time in almost a week.

Finally, the turkeys are coming into their own! Well, one is anyway. I now know what turkey dominion looks like! The answer is: pretty funny. One of the bigger toms (though not the biggest interestingly!) Has begun puffing up and thrumming. The others still chirp like chicks and keep their heads low around him. When one got too high, he got a warning snap and immediately dropped his head and ran circles around The Boss in a very submissive pose.

Guess that means it's getting close to Thanksgiving dinner!

*click for full pictures*

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