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For Love of Guineas: When Guinea Fowl Roam

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Guinea hens are definitely a maligned bird, often described as loud, ugly, stupid and terrible parents. Loved by few, despised by many and the bane of many a neighbor who just wants it quiet!

So why do we love them so here at Saffron and Honey? Primarily because they are a greater bane to the tick world. While chickens will happily peck away at ticks who wander into their pen, guinea will cheerfully take to the wilds to pursue these delicious morsels at every given opportunity.

True, your neighbors may not appreciate the fat, speckled bodies and crazy clown makeup making their way around their yard, but that may be because they don't understand the good being done. Sometimes education on these bizarre looking wanderers does the trick. Sometimes not.

If the neighbors are still not interested in daily visitors to their yard, we suggest a few tricks that have helped us in the past:

  • Buy you guinea as keets and have them raised by chickens. While still noisy, our experience is that they wander less. (the white Standard Cochins you see in these pictures raised ours!)

  • Check your town and state legal requirements. While you are always responsible for any damage your birds do to another's property, some areas are more forgiving of noise pollution.

  • Raise them on the opposite side of the house from the problem neighbor. It won't stop them from heading over, but it will slow the inevitable. Maybe your neighbor will come around?

  • Often when people think of guinea fowl, they thing of the large, gray and white speckled birds. However, guinea come in many colors and sizes. Our experience has been that the small brown or beige speckled ones tend to wander less, and make less noise.

Wandering certainly isn't the only reason people don't enjoy guineas. But we love our guineas - even when they annoy us! - so let us know what YOU have heard or experienced with guineas that makes you cringe?

Inquiring guinea fowl want to know! 😁

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