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Let there be merch!

After lots of requests for business cards and t-shirts, we have finally begun taking steps towards meeting the demand!

First and foremost, of course, we are working on business card designs. After lots of attempts and polls about design, we have narrowed the options to these three:

Which is YOUR favorite!? Let us know, and maybe if we have enough participation we'll make this into a competition. With prizes and everything!

Other suggestions have included using the goat-style image for this year, and changing it each year to highlight a new heritage breed on our farm. What do you think? Collectible business cards!?

Who needs Pokemon when there are goats!?

In addition, we are working on some very limited run tote bags, t-shirts, stickers and mugs. If you would like to make certain we have something specific, please message us ahead of time and we will make certain to save our Faithful Followers your choice of designs!

Our plan is to have these completed by the Union Fair where - drum roll please! - we will be presenting all week this year! More details to follow, but we will definitely be at the Union Fair all week this year, delivering talks about heritage breeds, homesteading sustainable living and why we have chosen the breeds we raise on our farm.

We hope to see you there! Check back for details as they develop.

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