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Let's Talk About 6 Babies...

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Back after a long Thanksgiving weekend with plans to share!

No pressure Montoya!

One of our planning sessions this weekend involved finalizing the breeding plans for our American Chinchilla rabbits in order to get the best genetic diversity and let interested breeders make plans and reservations! We expect six litters in the spring that should be ready for new homes between late spring and early summer.

We have three bucks: Gomez, Maverick and Montoya. Gomez has sired three of our current does. Maverick is the uncle to two does and brother to one. Montoya is unrelated to any of our does, so guess who gets to be a lucky buck this spring!?


Montoya is currently housed with Wednesday, our probably-sterile doe. She's making sure he learns how to treat a lady right! He is the only buck we have not yet tried to breed her to, and also the only buck who's company she seems to enjoy. If she does not kindle with this pairing, she will definitely be sterile and removed from our breeding rotation. Because of this, she is not being included in our expected litters.

Montoya will be bred to Charlie, a proven doe we got this past year from Unity College. Charlie and Montoya each have builds that will compliment each other well and hopefully produce some amazing offspring!

Montoya will also breed Charlie's two nieces, which we affectionately call "the pinks" due to their pink ID tags. He is the only male we have completely unrelated to them and they also have really nice form that should compliment his genetics well.

Finally, we bought three does from Rhode Island this fall, one of whom is smaller and gentler than the other two. Since Montoya is also our smallest male and - as previously mentioned - being taught to treat a lady gently, they will hopefully also make a nice pairing.

The remaining females are the other two from RI. One is quite a lot bigger than the other, and Gomez is by far our biggest boy, so hopefully they will get along well! In addition, Gomez seems to sire big litters in even first time mothers, so hopefully a large female with good hips will handle the brood more easily.

Maverick's Baby Mamma!

Finally, we don't want Maverick to feel left out, so the final doe will be bred to him. Again, their body builds and genetics look to be a great match.

Each litter should be breedable to at least one or two other litters, meaning breeding pairs will be available. We will be culling any that don't meet breeding standards, so meat rabbits will also be available. We will not have papers available this year for any of our rabbits, but should by next year. We will be pricing accordingly for those interested. For those interested in eventually breeding, we will be happy to provide line information to help you with your program.

It's going to be an exciting spring this year! Hopefully the kindling goes well and we have lots of fat, happy babies! We will start taking reservations in January, so keep an eye out of the wait list announcement!

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