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Just Before Turkey Day

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Well, there will be no turkey for our Thanksgiving this year, so we are already planning for the next. We have been planning for some time to add turkeys to the homestead next spring. The only decision was whether we wanted standard bronze or blacks.

And then we met the folks at Emerald Acres Farm & Homestead! They seem to have as much love for heritage breeds as we do, and the most beautiful turkeys we have ever seen!

This Tom Turkey almost made us change our mind away from both our first choices and go Slate! Isn't he the most dignified thing you have ever seen!?

Then... we met this dude:

This slate black has all the glossy beauty of a black turkey that made us love them, edged by that same lovely gray/silver color that is so striking in the purse slates. While we will miss out on the fabulous splashed paint look of the slates, we might get lucky and have a slate poult in the future.

It may turn out to be the best of all worlds!

Thanks to the folks at Emerald Acres for letting us use the pictures of their fabulous birds!

We can't wait to give you our money next spring!

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