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The weather this year seemed to get unseasonable warm very early, and in an attempt to not have all the farm events going on at once, we maaaay have planted seedlings a bit early. Because, of course, things immediately began to get cold overnight again, no one is quite ready for their seedlings, and our farm Project Room is now overflowing with HUGE seedlings that are bumping their heads against the lights.

Opal Basil seedlings

Last night it was finally time to get out the scissors. The basil was the biggest issue. We've already trimmed that back once, but it is determined stuff when healthy! The Opal basil, even after it's haircut, looks ready to spring into action at any second.

The bits removed though certainly added up! We ended up with a gallon bag of basil trimmings that will be shredded up and dried for recipes going forward.

Then it was on to the Swiss chard and the Asian greens. These weren't banging their heads like the others, instead they were flopping over under their own weight. It was time to give them a little help. Beside, fresh baby greens to go with dinner sounded like a lovely idea!

Mixed greens

It will take the greens a little longer to spring back after their trim, but the plants themselves look healthy, so I have no doubt that by this evening they will be back to their lively selves! The poc choy especially has been doing better than I'd ever hoped, so I can't wait to get some planted in my own garden!

I struggled a bit before decided to also give some of the tomatoes a trim. I've never pruned tomatoes before, and often it isn't needed. However, they were getting VERY tall, and despite that early warm weather I mentioned there has been frost every morning for most of the last two weeks. So, we've experimented with some of our Mystery Tomatoes (if you are signed up for our newsletter, you know what I mean!) and we will see how they take to the trim.

Fingers crossed!

Maybe I will find time to make some pesto?

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