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Just a few quick announcements

Good morning and happy gray-day! We are taking advantage of the drizzly weather to get housework and paperwork caught up and - honestly - we're thankful for the break from outdoor things! Still, it was a productive weekend with the bucks getting moved to summer pasture, gardens beginning to get planted and some serious weeding out of overgrown areas around the house.


We still have a few seedlings left that are not earmarked for the garden yet, but we are mainly done with seedlings for the season. We have a few Mystery Tomatoes left, some garlic chive and catnip pots if anyone is interested in picking up something to fill in that off spot in your garden!


We also have some kids left unspoken for. Poor Caramel thought she had a home this year, but the buyers have decided to go another route.

Please be aware that due to the number of cancellations and "no return calls" this year, beginning in 2023 a non-refundable deposit will be required to get on the wait list for soay sheep and SCI goats.

This is standard practice in the dog-breeding world and due to the number of abandoned animals this year, we have decided we need to begin doing the same. In the meantime, please contact us if you are interested in starting your own beginner herd of SCI goats or Soay sheep!


Beginning in June we will be scaling back on our social media a little. FB tends to pressure it's business users to get back to people in under an hour, and we have tried, but a) that becomes impossible when we get messages at 2a and b) it's taking too much time away from the farm. So say nothing of our own lives and sanity!

Therefore, we will be doing social media on business days only. We will continue to get back to people first thing Monday morning but we will no longer post or respond to messages on weekend or holidays. We thank you for understanding.


Don't forget that our events season is well under way! We continue to keep the events page on FB and our web site up to date, and we hope we will get to meet more of you in person soon!

Enjoy the day!

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