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It's been an exciting week!

Actually the week isn't over yet, but there have simply been too many cool things happening in the last several days to wait on sharing!

First, we'd like to introduce the new Lord and Ladies of the Homestead. They don't have names yet, though of course the male has been called "Tom" since he arrived. Still, it doesn't seem to truly capture that fabulous combination of strength, dignity and utter silliness that encapsulates this guy! Maybe a naming competition is in order?

These feathery giants have already made themselves at home. Tom broke up a duck/goose fight yesterday and even the goats walk softly around him when he is fluffed up in all his glory!

Our next bit of awesomeness has been that our first baby bunny litter of the year is out and about! Not often, and not for long, but they are all definitely healthy and active! No pictures yet, alas. They are too fast to get on camera! The last one we took was when they were still in the box full time.

Some new excitement with the administrative side of the farm as well! As some of you may know, I have been doing some writing for Backyard Goats and Backyard Poultry to help spread the word on heritage breed livestock. Well, the first article officially arrived in our mailbox yesterday! The article is about the sheer awesomeness that is San Clemente Island Goat males. Their unique traits in the goat world are a large chunk of the reason I chose this breed. I encourage everyone to read all about it!

And last but not least! Also in the mail yesterday was our official recognition from the American Rabbit Breeders Association as the Saffron and Honey Homestead rabbitry!

We will be working on improving our official breeding lines further and hope to start showing by 2022. Currently we colony raise our rabbits for meat, pets and breeding purposes, working towards expand the breed's numbers.

This spring's litters are already being wait-listed! The current litter is almost entirely spoken for, as well as a few members of the next litter! We are expecting seven litters this year if all goes well and they will be available from February to June.

Please contact us if you are interested because they are going quickly! Preference is given to breeders interested in preserving the American Chinchilla breed and interested in colony raising rabbits.

Here's hoping for an early spring and more exciting developments!

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