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Internet, Meet Willow

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Unless this is your first time on any of our social media sites, you have probably seen this shot of our Willow.

Camera shy she is not...

Willow was our third goat and came to us from Temple Hill Farm in Virginia with her sister Sunflower. From the first, Willow's personality shown through as our Queen-to-Be. She takes no nonsense from any of her herd, including the boys. She tolerates little Petal getting under foot, but woe to any other doe who tried to eat before her! She enters the doors first to clear the way, and in almost every picture she will be standing the closest to the camera. It's anyone's guess if she is protecting the other goats, or simply demanding the primary attention.

Willow is the only goat who refuses to move when our geese hustle through, demanding that all make way for their passage. Not that they accept her as Queen, mind you, but there is a certain cautious cease-fire that exists when paths cross.

Willow isn't all peace and love - you cannot be queen without ruffling some fur and feathers! She can be a bit of a bully when new does arrive, until she is certain they have learned their place. However, once she decides someone belongs, she makes certain that everyone has a place at the table - so to speak - including ducks, geese and chickens as well as the rest of the herd.

Just as long as she sits at the head.

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