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Internet, Meet Petal

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

While by no means our biggest goat, Petal may be the biggest love of our herd. She certainly had the biggest voice! She regularly tells the rest of the herd we are coming, blatting loudly whenever she sees or hears her humans nearby. And woe to the person who does not bring her treats or pats! She will make certain you know she is there!

Tiny Petal was born in Vermont and was a twin, which made her a smaller goat from the start. However, she also - despite lots of love and care from her previous human and us - just doesn't seem to be growing very big. She remains a perfect lap-sized goat, and she knows it! One of my favorite pass times each day is to sit with the goats in their pen after work and read a book with Petal on my lap, tiny feet crossed daintily in front of her and chewing her cud.

Petal has a special place in the future plans for our Homestead. Some San Clemente Island Goats can be rather skittish with new people, so Petal is looking at a future as our Greeter Goat. We hope that with her calm nature and love of all humans she will be a wonderful diplomat to introduce the world to this wonderful breed.

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