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Internet, Meet.... ????

Contest time!

We are looking for names for our fabulous Turkey Trio!

We want your suggestions! Because, honestly, we are running out of ideas....

Here are some hints!

  • We tend to go for TV or movie related names, especially classic groupings. Some examples we have had have been George and Gracie, Gomez and Morticia (and their daughter Wednesday) and Larry, Curly, Moe and Shem. We probably need to know the reference, but between us we have some pretty eclectic taste.

  • Themes are another option if you can't come up with 1 male, 2 female combos. For instance, our rabbit males are all movie men who embodied a traditional male characteristic. Gomez (romance), Maverick (independence) and Bunnigo Montoya (confidence)

  • Responses can be through comments on the web site (preferred), our Facebook page (if you also give us a like!) or Instagram (combined with a follow).

Sorry family members! You don't qualify for the contest, but feel free to share and send ideas anyway! And yes, that includes Petal's Uncle Trevor...

"But what do I win!?"

Really? Your name attached permanently to our homestead and the undying envy of...well... dozens isn't enough? Very well.


The winner will be able to choose between *drum roll*

The first three eggs we get from these lovely ladies (one for each name)


An autographed photo of Petal! Autographed by Petal of course! Here's a hint, if you aren't local, you probably want to go for the picture unless you like scrambled eggs

Seriously. We aren't mailing the eggs...

So get those brain crackling! We can't wait to see your ideas!

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