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In the Cold November Rain

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

This is a long one, kids! Turn on your speakers and settle in!


We've begun having some issues recently with quarters being a little snug between goats, geese and ducks, so we decided that we were going to need more sleeping space in the winter pasture to make sure everyone was comfortable.

We found a reasonably priced shed for sale about 45 minutes away that looked like we would be able to dismantle it for transport easily enough with a little help. It wasn't pretty, but we could make it work.

The first hitch was that we were unable to get a trailer on any day that we could get friends to help. But hey, we got this, right!?

We picked up the trailer Saturday evening and left, only about an hour late Sunday morning. About twenty minutes after leaving the house, the beautiful, sunny fall day we left home with dissolved into a drizzly, cruddy rain.

It's just water, right?

The first thing we had to do when we got there was clean out the shed.

We displaced so many mice during the course of this that I seriously considered titling this post "Making Mice Homeless." They were all very understanding though, except the one I found hiding underneath the siding when I removed it.

Dismantling began with the roof being taken apart. The builders had made the shed with a solid, 2x4 frame, covered over with very old barn boards and held together with whatever nails, screws or tacks they could find. Thanks to this - and our lack of man power - removing the roof took some....creative problem solving.

The second half went... less well....

Windows are replaceable, right!?

It took two of us at every step to get the walls down, and video wasn't an option. But here is the final product, loaded and ready to make the trip home!

We made it back safely, but a bit too sore and worse for wear to upload it last night. So that will be this afternoon's task once The Husband gets home.

And then we just need to put it together again...

But we got this, right?


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