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His Highness of the Homestead

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

As the original buck of Saffron and Homestead - and the guy with his name on the door - it seems about time to introduce the world to our herd sire.

Saffron is a male San Clemente Island Goat, and was purchased from Unity College this summer. He is the only one of our herd to come from Maine. For those of you aware of my past excursions into farming, Saffron is also the offspring of one of my original does - Itty Bitz, so I'm very happy to have him!

As a baby he was a lovely burgundy red - hence his name. However, he is no less handsome now that he has darkened up and he still remains as valuable to us as the spice for which he is named! He is a little feistier than is sometimes necessary, but as you can see in the picture with his Uncle Trevor, he can also be a gentleman!

As soon as his queen Willow is willing, Saffron has made it quite clear he is happy to produce us some babies just as beautiful as he is, and we can't wait!

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