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Happy New Year from the Homestead!

Welcome to an already-busy 2022!

We have tons of plans for this year, but we don't want to spoil ALL the surprises all at once! We also don't want any disappointments, so we will be posting our news as things solidify.

We are beginning the year by opening the wait list for our expected spring San Clemente Island goat kids and Soay lambs! Since we obviously have no way of knowing what we will get, we will take requests in the order they come in and then run down the list until they are all gone. We are expecting young from four does and 8 ewes.

Please be aware, that after much discussion, we have decided that - rare or not - our sheep and goats will be held to the same standards as our rabbits. Critically endangered breeds are often sold for the novelty, and not always with the best conformation. While SCIs and soays do have some conformation differences from more traditional, domestic breeds, any young we find don't meet our standards will be culled, no matter how high the demand. Please message us if you are interested in learning more!

We have new toys! We recently bought two new (to us) incubators and plan to begin hatching eggs for both chickens and waterfowl as soon as they start producing this spring. We still plan to allow our hard-working brooders to raise their own babies as well, but this will hopefully allow our production to pick up! We will be offering American Buff goslings, LF cochins, salmon faverolles and muscovy ducklings.

Seedlings - yup, we've already got most of our seeds ordered! We plan to start far more seeds this year than normal, triple the size of the garden this year, install a greenhouse, and have seedlings available for purchase. In addition, this summer and fall we hope to have a number of.... let's say, unusual, vegetable offerings for sale! This ties into a couple more of our upcoming surprises, but we don't want to spoil those just yet!

We (almost) have an office! We have been working for some time to revamp the house so that it will have a home office in order to better organize ourselves as a business, not just a homestead. Hopefully we will be moving our living situation around some by the end of the month and Sherri can stop working out of the dining room!

Lots more news coming soon, so keep your fingers crossed for us and check back to see how things develop!

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