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Getting Ready for Travel

Yesterday our lovely goats - boys and girls - had their check ups and shots to prep them for the upcoming fair. Clover and Willow are a little thin, though it's possible that their bone structure in the back is just especially well... bony! They certainly don't eat any less than anyone else!

The boys we quite cranky about the whole thing, especially Carson who has never really learned to deal with a lead well. However, a little extra grain and sunflower seed mix as a treat and he forgave me!

We will be bringing Wednesday and her four daughters, as well as our buck Maverick so that attendees can see a working colony set up. The kids may get a bit of an education with Maverick there though!

Wonder why they don't call it the learning about birds and the rabbits?

We've also decided to bring a few rabbits for sale in order to thin out the breeding stock a bit, and two of Wednesday's daughters - who will have been bred by the end of the fair - will also go up for sale on the last day

A few chicks and ducklings will likely go with us to look for new homes as well. Being able to educate people on heritage breeds while also finding homes for extra stock is a wonderful combination!

I don't know if all homesteaders would agree with me, but I always feel more comfortable rehoming animals - even livestock - when I know the person is at least aware of what they are getting for an animal, and I have had a chance to speak with them before the sale. Just because we use animals for food doesn't mean we want them to go into hurtful or neglectful situations!

In final exciting news, Saffron and Honey Homestead now officially has business cards!

Posters have also arrived and the new farm banner is on it's way. Goat Journal has donated a number of magazines for hand out and we will have education materials and hand outs available from national heritage breed organizations as well!

Hope to see you all there!

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