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Four months in the making...

For four months now I have been working on a video to highlight the decimation and return of the San Clemente Island Goat population.

It is finally finished.

This could not have happened without all the people who donated time, video, pictures and advice. It also could not have happened without the amazing Black Cat Road, who write an preform the song. Please look them up on Facebook, YouTube and on their site

Finally, it could not have happened without my dear friend Dana "Wally" Thompson - a mutual friend of myself and the members of Black Cat Road. Without his intervention, we would not have had access to the music. Unfortunately, Wally passed away the day before this video was completed and never got to see it.

RIP Wally, the world is a little sadder without you.

Please feel free to share and post this video in as many place as possible. It is intended for educational and conservation purposes only, but for those objectives, please consider this free use.

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