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Farming is hard

It that a rabbit in your sink?

Yes, yes it is. My kitchen sink, to be exact

But... why?

Because farming is hard.

Sometimes it's "I'm tired and I don't want to do chores after working 8 hours" hard.

Sometimes its "I can't go to a show/camping/event because there is no one to watching the animals" hard

Sometimes it's "I have the flu and a fever and I can't get out of bed. But animals still need water" hard.

Sometimes it's even "I hate these animals and why did we ever even DO THIS?" hard.

Today it's "I have a rabbit with a serious UTI and how did I miss this for days!?" hard.

It's hard because you blame yourself because you made a mistake - or at least something that feels like a mistake in hindsight.

It's hard because you have to work a "real" job and then figure out how to still get the rabbit to the vet because no one can afford to take a few hours off.

It's hard because it's dark now, and there are still so many chores to be done.

It's hard because you spent a half hour with the rabbit in the sink you were supposed to do dishes in, and now you have to decide whether to do dishes or get a shower before bed.

Getting to bed on time is already out of the question.

It's hard because you wonder if she will be alive come morning.

It's hard because the rabbit who was once one of the most stand-offish is suddenly snuggling into you - perhaps in the hopes you will make it better (you can't) and perhaps just in resignation.

It's hard because everyone else seems to be doing so well and you think "Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm terrible at this." It's hard to remember that everyone else has bad days, bad seasons, bad years too.

It's hard to remember "this too shall pass."

But it's not impossible. And tomorrow is a new day.

Deep breath...

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