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Ducks Gone Wild: A Visual Journey

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

One of the more interesting parts of raising Muscovy ducks is their independent nature.

This summer, we built them a lovely pasture around a great pond, there were leeches, weeds, frogs and all sorts of other delicious yummies for them and plenty of room to roam.


So what did they do first thing?


I found them every day up by the barn, exploring the front yard, or eating grass out back

This winter we moved everyone up into the barn, out of the cold so it would be easier to care for them, and monitor health. We hoped for this:

We mostly got this:

Our back deck

Aaand this:

Top of the rabbit run

In addition, we built a new chicken/duck house so that it wouldn't be crowded in the barn. So guess where we found them when they do go inside!?

These are some unfettered, rebellious little duckies!

Still, one couldn't ask for sweeter birds, so I guess we will put up with the occasional differences of placement-opinion. I just wish this weren't becoming the local hang out...

Yup, back deck again!


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