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Ducks are Stupid (but cute)

I once wrote an article for Backyard Poultry about Muscovy and how hardy they are. I went into great depth about their ability to fend off predators with their great size, their parenting ability and the amazing way that a bird that evolved in South America has spread to so many parts of the world.

I even mentioned that this is why they are the only non endangered heritage breed on our farm!

According to the research I did at the time, Muscovy can survive up to -10 degrees and I can personally attest to the fact that they would much rather stay outdoors during most of the winter, when even the geese are happy to go under cover. At the most they come up near the house and roost on the rabbit run where they are more sheltered from the wind.

Which is why, if they do go undercover, you know it's going to be a bad night.

Unfortunately, the recent mess of rain-freeze-warm-snow has apparently messed with their instincts. While many of them went undercover before the recent snowstorm, we got a few examples of this:

Luckily, everyone was okay. Though, I now have proof that it is possible for ducks to look miserable.

And they still refused to go inside the next night.

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