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Duck Butt

Frequently posts can be found all over social media, web sites and Q&A forums about how to protect chicken food from the goats.

But has anyone asked how to protect the goat water from the ducks?

Seriously. There is no water source these things won't invade. They are provided fresh water themselves multiple times a day and in large, rubber bowls for them to bathe in. In the warmer seasons, they have an entire pond.

It is never enough.

Goat Buckets, no matter how high the sides or how well placed the container are no match. If it fits - ducky sits. Even if it means looking like it's had a seizure.

Even the rabbit bowls are no longer safe. The ducks have long taken to perching on the rabbit run, but they have never entered the grounds. Until recently. Now the only way there isn't a duck in the tiny rubber bowl is if the rabbit gets there first.

The poor goats now drink on a schedule - get it before the buckets hits the floor, or it will be undrinkable!

Good thing for them they are so cute about it!

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