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Dinner at Dusk

Our babies are growing! The five American Chinchilla kits born on Christmas are up and around, eating Mom and Dad's food and tearing up the place! A couple are still very shy, but the other three will run up and sniff us, and one even let's me pick her up without getting too mad about it!

They are also at that SUPER cute stage. Nothing cuter than a tiny baby nibbling hay for the first time, playing with dad or learning how to groom from mom.

Ooooor..... sticking its butt in the water dish....

While we are big advocates for colony breeding rabbits, we have never attempted a litter in the winter before. Well, mom and dad certainly told us how foolish we have been! Not a single baby lost and all of them are huge!

We have made sure there is grain in their nesting box in case it's too cold for them to want to come out, but most of the time they want to be out in colder weather than I do!

All of this is great news, because out very own Charlie (who normally hates... well... everyone!) hopped the fence the other day, so we may have another rabbit-choice mating! Luckily, she hopped in with the male we had chosen to breed her with anyway.

So far - out of this litter - we have at least two girls and a boy. Once we have a little more light available in the evenings we will check all of them more thoroughly and have an exact count. The identified genders are spoken for, and we are hoping for another buck to fill another request.

The final baby is anyone's guess!

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