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Christmas gifting for Farmers

This was, for us and many others, a difficult holiday season. We were unable to see my brother, the power went out during the Zoom we had planned and stress levels were pretty high.

Still, as families do, we pulled together, supported one another when need be and made the best of it. My mom made an amazing cranberry custard pie that she dropped off to us, my in-laws got us some fabulous gifts I never would have thought to ask for and my brother - all the way around the country! - introduced me to a new game and is the reason I have now doubled my canning abilities!

Here is some of the other awesomeness we received for the farm!

We plan to add bees to our homestead next spring and we have been rushing to cram-learn everything we can manage before the season gets here. While we have tried new critters here before, usually we had some knowledge of the species, if not the breed. Or we know someone who does. Or we know someone who knows someone...

Bees, however, will be completely new territory. We are keeping in touch with a number of local bee groups in the state and plan to get memberships the first of the year, but I'd be lying if I said we weren't nervous. Enter our savior! We got a new book on beekeeping AND access for two to the UMaine Cooperative Extensions beekeeping class!

We also have plans to eventually open things up more to the public for tours, educational options and just to introduce the animals around. We have some artwork commissioned for those forward-thinking plans, but the artist doesn't do lettering. So, as if in answer....

And you have to have a greeter, right!?

Another farm plan is to have a display with pictures, information and artwork that will be able to both stay in the barn, and travel to shows with us. Our little niece, who is just beginning to teach herself to paint, gave us one of her first pieces, and it will be the first to go on that special board. Thank you Grace - keep painting!

There was so much more, a book on heirloom veggies, a new goosie apron for when we get the summer kitchen up and running, and lots off stuff for the house!

On a final note, while more for the house than the farm, one of my sister-in-laws had this made for us. It has taken us a long time to reach where we are now, to be together in this home, and this was a wonderful gift that is now hanging next to our front door. This will be our reminder whenever we leave about what it took to get here, and how important it is that we always come home to each other again.

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