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Bouncing Baby Bunnies

The spring harvest has begun in earnest! Wednesday and Bunnigo Montoya delivered us another - also unexpected - litter of babies 12 days ago.

As some of you may know, if you follow our other social media, Wednesday was being treated for a UTI when we discovered she was pregnant, so there was question about how her illness, and the antibiotics - would affect her delivery.

We got 7 very healthy babies though! Unfortunately there was an 8th that was not-so-healthy, but those who made it through the first 24 hours have turned out to be amazingly fat, energetic and cuddly!

The does we kept from her first litter were initially confused by the new, squirming things - one of them actually ran away! Now, however, they stay out of the box and leave the new babies to their space.

In addition, Charlie Doe has been pulling fur like a mad woman. No sign of babies yet, but I'm not sure why that lady isn't bald! We have removed Montoya from her pen and put him in with his three final ladies for the season, so Charlie now has her own space back, just the way she likes it.

Maverick's Spring Lady delivered a whopping NINE babies! HUGE for a first litter! She has been a devoted mother, paying far more attention to her young than most mother rabbits! We have kept an eye on them in case she needs some help supplementing, but so far she's got this!

FYI: For those of you who got babies from us from the Montoya/Wednesday line up, this litter will be your chance to get a completely 100% unrelated match up!

It's hard to tell whether Gomez has been acting out his spring fever or not. He's getting up in years, and he doesn't seem to enjoy chasing the young things around the way he did. Mainly he seems to be hanging out with her, sunning himself in the unseasonable weather. She seems perfectly content with that! If she is pregnant, she isn't showing yet, but we'll be keeping an eye out!

The final three does are currently being bred by Montoya who has been a busy bunny this spring! Poor guy is looking tired these days... and hungry!

Hopefully the kindling continues!

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