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Babies' first winter

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Good morning all and welcome to winter!

In case it hasn't been obviously, colder weather means fewer blog updates - at least for the time being. Chores take quite a bit longer now, and it's cutting in to my writing time!

With that being said - flashback to Sunday morning! With the exception of the geese and a couple chickens, this was everyone's first snow!

The geese, who have never been big fans of The White Cold, were not impressed, but undaunted by the sudden changes. They charged forth, flapped their wings and then stood around looking arrogant as they often do.

The ducks and chickens were also - pardon the pun - pretty unflappable.

The ducks have been rather varied in their reaction to the cold. Some continue to sleep down on or near the pond but come up for dinner in the evenings. Some have begun staying up in the barn with the goats and geese - much to the goats' annoyance (it gets crowded). One night they even slept on the top of the rabbit colony in place of the guineas!

Eventually we will try to get them in the habit of sleep in the new chicken shed, but until we get a ramp on it it's a bit of a step up for little, flappy feet.

Overall, the appearance of snow made no difference to their attitude about winter, which appears to be "Meh, whatever."

The most surprising reaction was really the goats. They were having absolutely none of this, thank you very much! Already wary at their world changing color, it only took one of them stepping out for a moment to realize that white stuff was cold!

From that point on, not even treats would coax them into the Wild White World. They spent the day getting no closer than the doorway, peering out and then looking at me with expressions of, "WTH".

I believe only Clover ever came out at all that day, and that was because she saw an opportunity to steal some chicken grain. Even that though, was not enough to tempt the rest of the little herd!

Even Monday, there was little sign of the fluffy goats, with the exception of some sad bleating by the boys from behind the walls....


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