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One person's trash...

It is no secret that we live in a "throw away" society where many of the things older societies - or even our grandparents - would have found a use for.

One of the goals of Saffron and Honey Homestead is to produce as little waste as possible from our farming activities. We use food cast offs for our animals or compost. Bits of wire or boards are reused, rather than throwing them away and buying new later. Half-full paint cans are saved for future projects, and half empty boxes of flooring are repurposed into various woodworking projects.

One of the main sources of waste we continue to find uses for are the skeletons of animals who die on the homestead. Historically, the use of bones was part of many cultures. Whether used for religious purposes, household needs, artistic pursuits clothing accessories or tool handles, every possible part of the animal was used. Reverting to our ancestral roots, we offer these unique objects to those who might share our interest in art and history.


All bones are cleaned by hand using boiling water, drying and peroxide to sterilize and whiten them. Prices vary and which items can be shipped varies, please read the individual descriptions. Buyer pays S*H where applicable. Each item is unique and may not exactly match the pictures. If you have questions about your purchase, please Contact Us first.


Small Animal Long Bones $5

Each purchase includes two long bones from a Muscovy, rabbit or similarly sized animal. Options for for art, or clothing decoration like cloak pins and hair pins. Exact appearance varies due to difference in animal anatomy. Shipping is available


Rabbit pelvic bones - SOLD

Interesting shapes are a great canvas for jewelry makers or artists!


Lamb Jawbone $20

Purchase includes one set of ewe lower jaw bones. Great for a Gothic or totem look.

This item can be shipped to any US location.


Small animal ribs

While wealthier people in Medieval times had access to extravagant items like bronze pins. Lower income people, however, continued to use tiny bones like these.


Rabbit Skull - SOLD

Need something unique to decorate your events with? Paints, flowers and other accessories can help make this into an eye catching conversation piece! Due to the fragile nature of this item we are sorry to say we are not shipping them at this time


Lamb skull  - SOLD

This item can only be shipped by special request. Please contact us if you are interested in having this shipped to you.

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