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Working in Partnership

We are incredibly lucky to partner with Angie's Art for professional farm photography here on the Homestead. Her artwork is amazing and she makes high quality prints available as framed photos, matted prints or frame-able cards. She provides many of the photos we use for our web site and educational work so we appreciate her more than we have words! Please support at Angie's Art!

Sherri Talbott- Chicken-1_edited.jpg

Salmon Faverolle Hen

Available as a print or foldable card!

Sherri Talbott-Goat-2.jpg

A Sassy Look

Available as a framed photo

Sherri Talbott- Sheep-3.jpg

Goddard the King

Available as a framed photo!

Sherri Talbott- Chicken-4.jpg

Fluffy Girl

Available upon request

Sherri Talbott-Sheep.jpg

Flannan in Winter

Available as a print

IMG_6878 (2)_edited.jpg

Naughty Baby

Available upon request

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