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The Mighty Hunters


When one has animals, there is grain. Where there is grain, there are rodents. For time on end - since mankind first developed agriculture and began to store grains and feed - this has been the case. And since those magical days, our protector from these little thieves have been cats.  

Until recently our homestead fed and sheltered a pair of feral cats that did the job for us. All good things come to an end however, and it was time for new barn kitten in our lives. We were incredibly lucky to find a pair - each from a different litter and each the last of their litter. They are currently living in our wood shop, growing like weeds and practicing their skills as Mighty Hunters.

Sawdust was our first find. Her little gray and white self is a natural for hunting and she wasn't here a day before she showed her skills by destroying toys, insects, Daddy's legs and the huge pile of sawdust that had been neatly swept up for future disposal. She has no fear and has already ventured outside several times, and even stalked a chipmunk that - at the time - wasn't much smaller than she was!

Walter J. Higgins - aka "Higgins" - was find number two and was not only younger, but much smaller than his adopted sister. He lacks her ferociousness but does enjoy teething on us once in a while! Still, he brings an important skill to the hunting partnership - the cleanup. Yup! Little Higgins with eat anything. While Sawdust loves to hunt, she is wary of the scraps of raw meat and organs we throw her on occasion. Higgins, on the other hand, devours them all with gusto. 

Can't wait for both these little fluff-balls to put on a little more weight and venture forth to the main section of the barn for some true hunting! May they tag out their limit in rodents on a daily basis

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