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Why Homestead?

The recent pandemic has shown us all how fragile our current food system is. How much of your meat comes from Australia? How much of your organic and prepackaged foods come from China? What happens when the grocery store runs out of hamburger and the price of chicken skyrockets because there is no grain? What happens when eggs, spinach, cantaloupe and frozen foods are being recalled due to contamination and disease?


Saffron and Honey Homestead seeks to educate about the alternatives: 


  • We want to provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about raising your own animals in a healthy, sustainable way. 

  • We can show your children where their food comes from, so that they grow up with a positive respect for the world around them.

  • Whether you live in a rural, animal loving farmhouse, or a small urban apartment, we can help you become a little more self-sufficient

  • We can help you choose breeds and methods that will work best for your lifestyle

  • We love talking about food!

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