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Available Animals

Please Read

Wait lists are now open!


You can Contact Us to sign up for the wait list for rabbits, goslings, lambs and kids as of now.

We will respond within 24 business hours to confirm your request an - if applicable - make arrangements for deposits to be paid. If you haven't heard from us, please follow up at

When purchasing animals:

  • Please make sure you are prepared. We are happy to provide follow up if there are questions, but it isn't fair to animals to be heading for homes where the barn or fencing isn't complete.

  • Beginning in 2023 a $25 deposit per animal will be required to get on the wait list for Soay sheep and SCI goats. If a goat or lamb of your requested type is not born that year, your deposit will be refunded. However, deposits will be considered non-refundable otherwise. Due to the number of abandoned animals last year, we have decided we need to begin doing the same.

  • If your desired animal is born and confirmed, additional deposits are required for all animal purchases in order to hold your animal. This will be half price for rabbits and $100/each for kids and lambs.

  • If several animals are requested and the complete order cannot be filled, the following steps will be taken

    • If < half of the requested animals are available, the buyer may purchase them or not as they wish.

    • If half to three quarters of the animals are available, we claim the right to attempt to find you similar animals to fulfill the order before the pick up day

  • Finals sales will require a signed acknowledgement of payment, the health check form and - if applicable - the forms needed to transfer/register lambs and kids.

  • If a pick up day is agreed on by both parties and the buyer does not arrive or reschedules, a $10/day fee will be assessed for the continued housing and care of the animal. We will not be responsible for the health of the animal once the initial health certificate runs out. 

  • Please Contact Us if you have questions before, during or after the sale. We want everyone to be successful with their animals and are happy to help

  • If you have questions but are not purchasing an animal from us, we suggest you sign up for one of our classes or tours in order to get your questions answered. Again, we want all new homesteaders to be successful, but lack of time and resources has resulted in a need to roll back the time we spend on interactions with no return.


Pricing varies on all breeds, dependent on the quality of the animal. Please contact us for quotes on an individual animal.

Soay lambs: $450-550

San Clemente Island Goat kids: $450-550

Goslings < 6 months: $75/each (must purchase at least 2 if you don't already have geese)

American Chinchilla Rabbits: $50-75

Ducklings: $10+ (price increases with the age of the bird)

Chicks: $10+ (price increases with the age of the bird)

Buyer is responsible for health certificate, the vaccines required in your state transport and associated fees. We cover the cost of the vet visit to the homestead.

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